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This form allows the parents of prospective students to apply for ICHK school places. Please complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*). The more information you provide us with the faster your application will be processed. Please turn off CAPS LOCK before using the form: block capitals are not required. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Shelley Bouttle.

Prior to completing the application form, please read our Statement on Collection of Personal Data.

Please note that there is an application fee of: HKD $205.00. Candidates who are invited for further processing will be asked to pay a fee of HKD $2000, also online or via cheque. Payment must be made by credit card, using our secure PayPal payment gateway. When you press Submit at the end of this form, you will be directed to PayPal in order to make payment. During this process we do not see or store your credit card details.


Student Personal Data

Student Background

Primary Passport
Hong Kong ID Card

Student Contact

Special Educational Needs & Medical

Please indicate whether or not your child has any known, or suspected, special educational needs, or whether they have been assessed for any such needs in the past. Provide any comments or information concerning your child's development that may be relevant to your child's performance in the classroom or elsewhere? Incorrect or withheld information may affect continued enrolment.A Special Educational Needs report, if relevant and available, can be submitted in the Supporting Documents section below.

Student Education

School NameAddressGrades
Language of
Joining Date

Home Address

This address will be used for all members of the family. If an individual within the family needs a different address, this can be set through Data Updater after admission.

Parent/Guardian 1

(e.g. mother)

Parent/Guardian 1 Personal Data

Parent/Guardian 1 Personal Background

Hong Kong ID Card

Parent/Guardian 1 Contact

Parent/Guardian 1 Employment

Parent/Guardian 2

(e.g. father)
Do not include a second parent/guardian

Parent/Guardian 2 Personal Data

Parent/Guardian 2 Personal Background

Hong Kong ID Card

Parent/Guardian 2 Contact

Parent/Guardian 2 Employment


Please give information on the applicants's siblings.
Sibling NameDate of Birth
School AttendingJoining Date

Language Selection

At ICHK we nurture linguistic skills, and treasure all of our community's native languages. English is our medium of instruction and is, therefore, a required language for every ICHK student. Other than English, students must also take one other language class. For students starting in Year 7 next academic year, please refer to the language pathways and description of courses and itineraries at Languages at ICHK before you complete the Language choices questionnaire provided within that page. Otherwise, please await further contact from our Admissions team. Thank you for your cooperation, and feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns. Nicolás Arriaga Head of Languages narriaga@ichk.edu.hk


ICHK offers scholarships to students who demonstrate strong general academic skills, or strong ability in a specific subject area. Full details of ICHK Scholarships are available on our website.


If you choose family, future invoices will be sent according to your family's contact preferences, which can be changed at a later date by contacting the school. For example you may wish both parents to receive the invoice, or only one. Alternatively, if you choose Company, you can choose for all or only some fees to be covered by the specified company.


Supporting Documents

For overseas students to legally start school in HK, you must obtain a visa from the Immigration Department. This usually takes around 4-6 weeks to process. For more details visit http://www.immd.gov.hk/ehtml/home.htm.These documents are all required, but can be submitted separately to this form if preferred. Please note, however, that your application will be processed faster if the documents are included here.
Maximum file size: 64MB



As a school, we value the privacy of our community members, while recognising that photos and videos of school life are an important part of sharing the ICHK story, both within and beyond the community. We offer the following privacy options, enabling parents to choose how the likenesses of their child will or will not be used:

  • Standard - if your child’s likeness is captured, it may be used internally (e.g. Gibbon Stream, bulletin, yearbook) and externally (e.g. website, advertising, school Facebook, press) to the school. This is the default option for all students.
  • Internal Only - if your child’s likeness is captured, it may be used internally only (e.g. Gibbon Stream, bulletin, yearbook)

If you wish to change from Standard to Internal Only, or should you have any questions, please email data@ichk.edu.hk and we will make the change on your behalf. Parents are encouraged to read our Privacy Policy for more information.


Please indicate your acceptance of the following by ticking the checkbox below: I agree for the School to approach my child’s previous school if applicable. I agree to grant ICHK permission to see all records held by my child’s previous schools, including any report related to Special Education Needs and medical issues, and authorise them to share those records with ICHK. I understand the Capital Debenture is payable on offer of a place as described in the Fees and Charges section of this application.

* denotes a required field

Further Information

Supporting Materials

Please note the following required supporting documents. All application documents and fees can be submitted electronically, but if you need to mail anything, please send it to 'Admissions, ICHK, 60 Sha Tau Kok Road, Shek Chung Au, Sha Tau Kok, New Territories, Hong Kong'

  • Current and prior year school report.
  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate / Passport (inc. visa stamp) / Hong Kong ID card.
  • Any specialist medical or development reports.
  • Recent passport size photograph of applicant.

Application Fees & Capital Debenture

  • A non-refundable application fee of $205.00 is to be paid online via credit card. If you require payment by cheque, please use the "Cancel" link at the bottom of the PayPal page, and then post the cheque, made out to ‘International College Hong Kong (NT)’, with your child's name (as on their HKID card or passport) written on the back.
  • Candidates who are invited for further processing will be asked to pay a fee of $2,000, also online or via cheque.
  • A non-refundable debenture is required for each new student to join ICHK. This debenture is to be paid in THREE non-refundable installments. Enrolment is final only after the school has received the payment of the first installment.
    • Installment 1 HKD $60,000 Payable before the student is enrolled.
    • Installment 2 HKD $20,000 Payable on or before June 1st in first year of studies
    • Installment 3 HKD $20,000 Payable on or before June 1st in second year of studies
  • Parents are required to pay the first installment of $60,000 by 1st November in the year before the student starts to confirm the acceptance of a place for Year 7.
  • The second installment is used to confirm that the student will continue their studies into the second year. Parents whose child will not continue their studies should inform the Head of School with one term’s notice, and not make this installment nor the third.
  • The third installment confirms that a student will continue their studies for the third year and beyond. Parents whose child will not continue their studies should inform the Head of School with one term’s notice, and not make this installment.

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