Build Your Own Cell
Time 2.5 hrs

Difficulty Beginner
Prerequisites Thinking Like A Scientist
Departments Science
Authors Flora Lai
Groupings Individual
Minimum Year Group None


In this fun free learning unit, you get to build your own 3D model of any cells you wish to build.


This work is shared under the following license: Creative Commons BY-SA-NC


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Pick a cell

This unit can be done individually or in a pair.

  • Using this link and this link, have a look at the different types of cells that make up different living organisms.
  • Choose one that interests you the most and make some notes (either by hand on a piece of paper or electronically) on that cell type:
    • Why is this cell important?
    • What parts does this cell have?
    • What are the functions of these different parts?
    • You may need to look on other web resources for more information.
Designing your cell
  • On a piece of paper, draw what you think your 3D model may look like and annotate it with what materials you will use for each part.
  • You should include labels of the different parts of the cell on your model.
  • This website has some some cool examples of the final products of 3D cell models.
  • Show your drawing to your teacher and get his/her approval to go ahead with gathering materials for it.
  • Once approved, you can now go to Ms Lai in D004, or the lab technician (Mr. To) to see if we have any of the materials you need. If they are not available, email them at or
  • If some of the materials are not available, you will need to make a note of what to bring in for making your model.
150 mins
Building your cell!

If you have all the materials you need, you can now start to build your model. Don't forget you should include labels of the different parts on your model.

Once you think it is ready, take some photographs of your cell and put them on a pages or word document. Submit this document to this unit.

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