IT Policy
Time 35 mins

Difficulty Beginner
Prerequisites Desktop Basics
Departments Human Technologies
Authors Ross Parker
Groupings Individual
Minimum Year Group None


The ICHK policy offers you ideas and rules around how to use information technology (IT) safely and sensibly. This unit asks you to reflect on the policy.


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5 mins
What's A Policy?
Getting Started
  • A policy is a written document that tells us how we are expected to act in different situations.
  • Schools use policies in order to help keep us learning, safe, happy and healthy.
  • Governments, companies and other organisations use policies for many of the same reasons.
15 mins
Our IT Policy
ICHK Secondary
  • In 2019 ICHK Secondary introduced a new IT policy to help us all use computers and the Internet more sensibly and safely.
  • You will probably already have signed our IT Acceptable Use Policy Agreement, and so should be familiar with the policy.
  • However, it is always worth reviewing the policy, which you should now do using the graphic below (its far more fun than reading the full text of the policy):
    • Click on the image below to load a larger version, with easier-to-read text.

  • Make sure you have spent some time reading and thinking about the text.
15 mins
Your Thoughts
  • In order to show what you have learned here you will produce a 2-minute video monologue, in which you will record yourself speaking to the camera on your computer.
  • The aim is not to produce a perfect, scripted video, but to just talk as if you were chatting with your teacher.
  • You may want to talk about some of the following:
    • What is a policy?
    • Why does ICHK Secondary have an IT policy?
    • What are some important rules and guidelines in the policy?
    • Tell a story about a time you broke the policy, and what went wrong for you.
  • Try to record your video in a single take: don't worry if you make a mistake, just keep talking.
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