Analysing Style/ Craft of Famous Writers
Time 3 hrs

Difficulty Intermediate
Prerequisites Hong Kong Young Writer's Award
Departments English
Authors Jon Rees
Groupings Individual
Minimum Year Group None


This unit will allow you to look closely at the work of some of the greatest authors of all time. What is it that they are doing with their diction (word choice); syntax (sentence structure); and figurative devices that keep readers coming back to them time and time again...?


This work is shared under the following license: Creative Commons BY-SA-NC


What is needed to run this unit?
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Cross-Curricular Links
Do not try and force this. What areas of other subjects might this reflect and/discuss language. For IB, links with ToK.
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Teacher Reflection
What was successful? What needs changing? Alternative Assessments and Lesson Ideas? What other Differentiation Ideas/Plans could be used?
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Any CC attribution, thanks, credit, etc.
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120 mins
Dickens' Hard Times- Descriptive Writing Extract/Analysis
Extract/Analysis/Creative Writing

Charles Dickens' Hard Times- Descriptive Writing Extract/Analysis 

1. Read the extract on the linked document. Write a 100 word deconstruction of how Charles Dickens vividly depicts the setting of Coketown (a fictional city, that is very probably based on Manchester, England, as it was back in the Industrial Revolution).

2. After reading, we will begin to write a pastiche of this, but based on ICHK.

You all have the same setting, but the time of day/ atmosphere can be uniquely different.

Here are some examples to get your started:

- The last school day of the year as students are about to leave for their summer holiday.

- A student gets caught cheating in their final IB exam.

- A cover lesson in C205 where the time seems to have slowed down/stopped.

- A fire breaks out in the canteen.  

- Feel free to come up with your own scenario!

You are aiming to write three paragraphs that effectively convey the setting, mood and atmosphere.

60 mins
Analysing the style/craft of famous writers 
Choose your favourite author/analyse

Analysing the style and craft of famous writers 

To further develop our understanding of how writers can use diction and syntax, along with imaginative figurative devices to evoke setting and atmosphere, you will select ONE page from a work by a famous author. (Try to pick a novel that you know already so you could pick a memorable moment!)

First, check out some work that was completed by some Y10s on various texts.

Then, upload your own photo, with analysis of style/craft, to your Google docs. afterwards.

Discuss your results with a partner.

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