Time 4.3 hrs

Difficulty Beginner
Prerequisites Tools For Learning
Departments Human Technologies
Authors Ross Parker
Groupings Individual
Minimum Year Group None


This unit asks you to consider the nature of creativity.


This work is shared under the following license: Creative Commons BY-SA-NC


The Pitch
Why should I bother learning this?
  • Think you are creative?
  • Want to be more creative?
  • This unit looks at what creativity is: by understanding this, you can learn to become more creative.
What is needed to run this unit?
Interdisciplinary Links
Do not try and force this. What areas of other subjects might this reflect and/discuss language. For IB, links with ToK.
  • Links to The Arts in terms of creative expression
  • Links to Human Technologies in terms of thinking of creativity as a tool.
Teacher Reflection
What was successful? What needs changing? Alternative Assessments and Lesson Ideas? What other Differentiation Ideas/Plans could be used?
  • ...
Any CC attribution, thanks, credit, etc.

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5 mins
Make Me Creative
The Pitch
  • Think you are creative?
  • Want to be more creative?
  • This unit looks at what creativity is: by understanding this, you can learn to become more creative.
115 mins
What Is "Creative"?
Getting Started
  • This unit is not a comprehensive look at what creativity is, but rather aims to provoke you into thinking about what creativity is.
  • The unit will not give a definition of creativity, but at the end, you will be asked to write your own definition.

  • We can all recognize creativity, but it is hard to say, exactly what it is. Watch the two videos below. Are they creative?

  • If you think they are creative, why?
  • Often we think only the arts are truely creative, but this is very misleading.
  • Potentially any artifact, act or process can be creative.
  • Think about this famous physics equation:
    • E=mc2
  • Does it represent creativity? What does it mean? 
  • Is Kelvin Doe creative?

  • Spend some time now thinking and reading about creativity. What do you think it is?
140 mins
Wrapping Up
  • In this unit you have hopefully had a chance to think and learn a lot about creativity.
  • Hopefully you are now able to define what creativity is.
  • Using Photo Booth, record a one-minute video of yourself answering the following two questions:
    • What is creativity?
    • How can we recognize creativity?
  • You do not need to talk in depth, but rather show a broad understanding of creativity.

  • (Optional) Our challenge to you is to see if you can not just answer these questions, but to tell it to us in a creative way. Use your imagination to see if you can come up with an interesting and creative way to share your thoughts in your video. Try to amaze or surprise us!

  • When you've completed your video, upload it to Google Drive, share it, and submit the link to this unit as evidence of your learning. We look forward to seeing what you create.


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