Design a Bookmark
Time N/A

Difficulty Intermediate
Prerequisites Laser Cutting 101
Departments Human Technologies
Authors Sandra Kuipers
Groupings Individual
Minimum Year Group None


Design a Bookmark


This work is shared under the following license: Creative Commons BY-SA


What is needed to run this unit?
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Cross-Curricular Links
Do not try and force this. What areas of other subjects might this reflect and/discuss language. For IB, links with ToK.
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Teacher Reflection
What was successful? What needs changing? Alternative Assessments and Lesson Ideas? What other Differentiation Ideas/Plans could be used?
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Any CC attribution, thanks, credit, etc.
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Coming Soon

Hello intrepid adventurer! It's good to see you here, exploring the Free Learning map. This brand new unit that you've discovered is not available just yet. We're working hard to setup and calibrate the new laser cutter and vinyl cutter, which should be available in the coming weeks. Check back again soon for more details.

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