Introduction to Touch Rugby
Time 30 mins

Difficulty Beginner
Prerequisites What is Sport?
Departments Physical Education
Authors Raymond Chan
Groupings Individual
Minimum Year Group None


This will give you some idea of how the sport originated and some of the basic concepts involved in this sport.


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How has Touch evolved as a sport?

Rugby or rugby football as it actually called originally evolved from football or "soccer" as it is sometimes known.  According to legend, William Webb Ellis was a student at Rugby School when he picked up a ball during a game of football in 1823 and ran with it towards the goal instead of kicking it. Rugby School exists to this day.

Rugby became distinct from football as its own sport.  However, in 1895 rugby split into two different organisations - Rugby Union and Rugby League.  Essentially, the argument was over payment with the northern teams wanting to be paid as professionals whereas the teams in the south of England wanted to remain amateur.  The two sports developed separately forming their own distinct rules and variations on how to play the sport.

10 mins
Why play Touch?

Aside from the usual reasons for taking part in sport, there are some specific reasons why you might want to play Touch specifically.  Read the first page of this link.

20 mins
Finishing Up
Making some slides

Using the information in the previous units, make a presentation to show your understand the following:

Why play touch?

What are the basic rules?

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