Basic Video Editing
Time 3.1 hrs

Difficulty Beginner
Prerequisites Multimedia Basics
Departments Human Technologies
Authors Wren Merrett
Groupings Individual
Minimum Year Group None


In this unit, you will learn about the awesome power of video editing.


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5 mins
Video Editing Software

If you want to get started with video editing, the Mac is a great place to do it. It comes with iMovie, a great piece of video editing software for beginners. It is developed by Apple for macOS and iOS devices, and was originally released in 1999.

5 mins
Getting Started

The first time you open iMovie, it should look like this.

Tap on Create New. I recommend Movie, as Trailer has a lot of restrictions.

Now you should see the main iMovie interface. You can make a start by importing some media.

10 mins
Library and Events

This window puts all your video elements together. In iMovie, there is one big folder called the Library, which is separated into smaller folders called Events. Each event contains a project, and everything you add to the project will be stored in the event.

15 mins
How To Use iMovie

Click on the Import Media button, or the down-arrow button in the top left of the window, to add video, image and audio files to your project.

This is the timeline. You can drag videos, images, and audio files into it to add them to your movie. iMovie has a magnetic timeline - video added to it will stick automatically.

If you want to split a clip, use your mouse to put the line where you want to split it and click on it. Then click Modify > Split Clip or use the shortcut Command-B.

15 mins

The toolbar allows you to dive deeper into video editing, adjusting specific elements of your video. Here's an overview of what it can do.

15 mins

To make your video look more professional, you can add transitions using this menu. There are a lot of options, but don't get carried away! Two of the most useful ones are Cross Blur, which is good for transitioning between clips, and Fade to Black, which is a great way to end your video. You can preview a transition's effects by hovering over it.

To add a transition, simply drag it between two clips.

120 mins
Create and Export

Now that you've had a play around with the basics of iMovie, it's time to try creating your own video. You could try:

  • A stop-motion video
  • A cooking video
  • A remix
  • A vlog

Create a short video using iMovie, remembering to use some of the techniques you have learned. Export it as a file using the Export button in the top right, upload the file to Google Drive, and submit it as evidence. Good work!


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