Free Learning For Students
Time 50 mins

Difficulty Beginner
Prerequisites None
Departments Human Technologies
Authors Ross Parker
Groupings Individual
Minimum Year Group None


This unit introduces you to Free Learning so that you can get ready to learn.


This work is shared under the following license: Creative Commons BY-SA-NC


Any CC attribution, thanks, credit, etc.
  • Free Learning logo copyright Ross Parker, used with permission

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15 mins
What Is Free Learning
Getting Started
  • Free Learning is a way of teaching and learning started at ICHK Secondary.
  • The aim of Free Learning is to engage you as a student, by challenging you to move, in your own unique way, through a set of learning experiences.
  • The name and style of Free Learning is inspired by the sport of free running, or parkour, and it seeks to make learning feel like this:

  • Free Learning seeks to encourage joyful, independent, deep learning based on the needs and passions of the learner.
  • Each experience (or unit), is self contained, but is linked to other units to form a map, that can be traversed:

  • The video below explains a little about what Free Learning is:

  • Free Learning lets you choose:
    • What to study;
    • How long to study it for;
    • Who to study with;
  • Learners who successfully complete a unit become eligible to then mentor other learners through that unit.
  • If you are interested, you can read more about Free Learning.
10 mins
Steps In Free Learning
1, 2, 3

  • During Free Learning, you will loop through the following process:
    1. Select a unit - initially only one or two units (marked with a blue outline) will be available, but as more are completed, more units become unlocked.
    2. Enrol in the unit - after selecting a unit, and clicking into it, you should visit the Enrol tab to sign up for the unit.
    3. Study the unit - use the Content tab to access a sequential set of resources, which will lead you through the lessons that the unit hopes to teach.
    4. Create some work - by the end of the unit, you will have created a piece of work that shows your learning through the unit.
    5. Submit your work - submit your work to your teacher using the Enrol tab
    6. Receive feedback - your teacher will assess the work, and decide whether it demonstrates completion of the unit. A complete unit means you can move on, an incomplete unit comes with advice on how to improve your work, which can then be resubmitted.
    7. Select a new unit - and keep learning!
5 mins
Enrol In This Unit
Do It Now!
  • In case you have not already done so, take a minute or two now to scroll up, click on the Enrol tab and select your Free Learning class and grouping to study this unit.
  • Click on the image below to see a larger version:

20 mins
Your Goals
  • Take some time now to think about your goals for IT in Free Learning.
  • Create a new document using a Google Doc.
  • Create a list of things that you hope to learn about IT.
  • Add a description of why you want to learn these things.
  • Finally, submit your work as evidence of your learning and thinking through this unit...
    • ...and then sit back and wait for some teacher feedback ; )

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